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CampRentalGear.comCasual Adventure is partnered with a local startup business called Custom Adventure Tours & Gear. They rent out all kinds of camping equipment--including tents and sleeping bags--through their easy to use online portal. Payments and reservations are handled through their website, and Casual Adventure serves as the pickup and dropoff point for the gear.  Please refer to the Custom Adventure Tours site for final pricing and questions, or contact them directly at (571)-354-6977.  


Price Chart:

1-PERSON TENT   $25 $40 $52
2-PERSON TENT   $26 $38 $48
4-PERSON TENT   $36 $56 $88
6-PERSON TENT   $55 $77 $89
CANOPY TENT   $21 $38 $47
TWIN AIR BED   $12 $20 $25
QUEEN AIR BED   $15 $23 $28
CAMP COT   $12 $18 $23
SLEEPING BAG   $15 $23 $28
CAMP CHAIR   $6 $12 $15
COOLER   $8 $14 $19

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Casual Adventure has been serving all you adventurers for many years. We feel it is our duty to supply you with the best gear possible.

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